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7 "Scary" Things Our Cute Halloween Pics May Hand Out Besides "Spooky" Cheer

The scariest part of Halloween might not be the ghoulish garb, spooky specials or monstrous quantities of sugar we are consuming. Stop in for a spell and, together, let’s find out the “scary” things our cute Halloween pics may be handing out besides “spooky” cheer. Don’t be a scaredy cat. They all come with a “trick” to help ensure we are safe and thoughtful digital parents throughout this All Hallows' Eve holiday.

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5 Social Media Graphics to Ask Family & Friends Not to Post About Your Child Online

From newborn introductions and their first birthday party to morning playdates and family get-togethers, there are many opportunities for friends and family to take pictures of your child and — within moments — share them online. This blog is meant to help parents be proactive about letting others know before an image of their child posts or shares.

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Stranger Safety Kids Books

While at the library with the kiddos the other day, I decided to check out a few "safety" books about things like what kids should do if they get lost, as well as how to stay safe around strangers. Much to my surprise one included a page about Internet safety!

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