#TShirtTuesday Fail

#TshirtTuesday Fail.png

On this #TShirtTuesday, I sought out to find some children's t-shirts that would politely - and perhaps in a "cute" way even - alert others that their pictures should not be posted online.

So off I searched online and ...


I found very little in the way of "Please don't post my pic" on petite-wear. And even more disappointing, what is out there sends quite the opposite message :/

Many of the onesies and t-shirts on the market today imply that a baby or child is everything from a supermodel surrounded by paparazzi to a photo-loving photographer's assistant.


Now, in fairness, it's not impossible to find a similar message. However, it'd be nice to see some options that addressed the issue more clearly such as, "Pics are fine, but please ... let me choose when to put my own face online."

Screen Shot 2018-10-08 at 12.58.27 AM.png

In my search, another fascinating find/observation happened. There are many onesies and child shirts that request "No kisses." Now, if it's okay to ask others NOT to kiss your child, shouldn't it be okay to ask others NOT to take pictures of your child and post them online?

Anyone else with me here?

In the meantime, I'm going to go start designing that t-shirt. Stay tuned :)