Stranger Safety Kids Books

Stranger Safety Kids Books

While at the library with the kiddos the other day, I decided to check out a few "safety" books about things like what kids should do if they get lost, as well as how to stay safe around strangers.

Didn't have much of a chance at the time to read through them all before checking out so when we got home I was pleasantly surprised to see in one of them, Never Go Anywhere With A Stranger, that Page 25 was dedicated to strangers on the Internet.

In the book, the image is of a young child, probably preschool age, sitting and talking at a computer with a woman who is presumably her mom. The page reads:

"Never agree to meet someone you know only from the Internet. If a stranger contacts you, tell an adult."

"How great!?" I thought to myself, remembering that was advice my own parents taught me early on.


"Stranger Safety | Never Go Anywhere With A Stranger" by Lisa M. Herrington

Next, I eagerly scoured Amazon's Children's Books to find even more mini-novels to expand our collection. My hope was for a few options geared toward 'littles' that go a step further than a single page and really begin to imprint the fact that the internet is a place you should also practice safety precautions, just like on your way to school or when you get lost from a group.

My search was brief but encouraging nonetheless.

There are a few (shared below) but not as many as I had hoped for. Some that did pop up, and I should add, I've never read, nor have I been asked to share these with anyone, include the following (with Amazon descriptions included):

  • The Technology Tail: A Digital Footprint Story (Communicate with Confidence) - A cute, creative story about children and their texts, tweets, posts and pics. Don't be mean and irresponsible! That’s the straight-to-the-point advice Screen has for young readers who are active on social media. Whether tapping out messages on their computers, tablets or phones, Screen wants kids to know their words will follow them for life, creating a digital trail that can't be erased. A timeless message to a new generation just learning how to navigate the fast-changing digital age. Written for children in grades 1-6, this storybook uses rhymes and colorful illustrations to grab their attention. There are also tips for parents and teachers who want to reinforce kindness and respect in a high-tech world.

  • Chicken Clicking (Online Safety Picture Books) - One night Chick hops onto the farmer's house and has a browse on his computer—CLICK—soon she's shopping online for the whole farm! But when she arranges to meet up with a friend she's made online, she discovers all is not as it seems ... Little Red Riding Hood for the iPad generation, this is the perfect book for teaching children how to stay safe online.

  • Once Upon a Time... Online: Happily Ever After Is Only a Click Away! - Once upon a time, a laptop arrived in Fairy-tale land ... A happily ever after is only a click away! Find out what happens when our favorite fairy-tale characters receive a laptop and learn a lesson in online safety.

Perhaps we'll add these to our home book collection someday, or maybe we'll try to track them down at a local library. If you've read these or have others you know about, feel free to share!

Either way, I am anxious to see how the volume of books dedicated to the topic of Internet safety and kids grows in the coming years. At least I hope it does. Who knows? Maybe I'll write one of my own and add it to the list :)