Someone Asked :)

Do you mind if I put this on Facebook

Be still my heart.

A couple of weeks ago, someone asked me (via text) whether or not I minded if they put a photo of our kids on Facebook. They also noted they understood if the answer was "no."

It was amazing.

First, because they asked before doing so and second because I had already thought out how I would respond to such a question (check it out here). As a result, my gut didn't twist into a knot when I got the text, and I didn't spend an enormous amount of time trying to figure out how I was going to politely respond.

Instead, I replied with the following:

Hey! Thank you so much for asking :) I love to share pics with family and friends but do try to keep them off of social media sites … If you wouldn’t mind holding off, I’d really appreciate it. I am probably over paranoid but just try to limit where their faces go when exposed to people we don’t know ... at least for as long as we can. Again ... thank you so much for asking ❤️

Wanna know what they said in response?

No worries!

Music. To. My. Ears.

Remember, folks. As noted in this article, "Keeping your child’s face off social media means giving your kids a simple gift: freedom."

Here's the template again to a previous blog if you need it ... and please feel free to chime in if you've crafted a similar message:

Hi! Just saw an image of _______ posted on _______. It is a great photo, except I'm trying to keep his/her digital footprint small. Can you please take that down? I love to see and share pics with family and friends only prefer to do so privately to determine best who has access to those images for privacy and safety reasons. Thanks!


Copy. Customize. Share.

Feel free to use and share this simple message template when asking others to take remove a photo of your child that was posted online.